Annual Certification

A gas safety check should be done every year on each gas appliance/flue. Before any new lease starts, these checks should have been done within one year before the start of the lease date.

Gas safety checks are needed by:

Housing associations
Local authorities
Hotels and B&Bs
Boarding schools
In hotels and B&Bs, arrange an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving guest accommodation even if it is sited away from the guest accommodation.

Business owners or Property landlords must ensure that any gas appliances (permanent or portable), and gas flues that you own and provide for use by your tenants or customers have annual gas safety checks.

A certificate is provides as proof of checks – provided the safety measures are passed.

Landlords must take prompt action to correct any defect shown on the safety check record, if it wasn’t rectified at the time of the safety check. Where there is any suspicion that an appliance may be dangerous/unsafe, the landlord or other responsible person for the premises (eg agent) should ensure that the appliance concerned is not used until the defect(s) have been remedied.

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